Deed Restrictions

Our community is governed by legal documents for the Homeowners’ Association. Our documents are listed below. Each resident should be familiar with these. 

Each property is defined by the county and given a subdivision plat, this plat determines which section of The Shores your property is a part of. The Shores community was started in 1980 and development is continuing today. Because of the long development time frame there are slight differences in the Declarations for each section. Therefore you need to ensure you get the correct one for your property.

For your convenience we have created a Deed Restrictions & By Laws Interactive Map, by clicking on your property you get links to both your Deed Restrictions and By Laws. These documents are copies of the original legal documents and are best printed on legal size paper for readability. 

Deed Restrictions (Declarations) - are a collection of covenants imposed on all property within the development and provide for: 

Automatic association membership of all owners and the basis for voting rights. The obligation of each owner to share in funding the cost of association operations. Certain restrictions (architectural control and other rules) on the use of the property and the association’s enforcement powers. Sets forth the power and authority of the association to make and enforce rules. 

By Laws – implements, in specific detail, the provisions of the Declarations regarding the association operations, including delineation of the meeting process, election procedures, powers and duties, board meetings, committees, rule-making and enforcement process. 

You can also access these documents on Delaware County’s website through the Auditor’s and Recorder’s links. To access the Delaware County website, please use Any questions regarding searching documents on the county's website must be directed to Delaware County. 


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