The meeting will take place the first Saturday in November at 9:00a.m. It will be held in the meeting room of Orange Township Hall , 1680 East Orange Rd.

Berlin Methodist Church, 5175 S. Old State Road. It is located about a mile north of Lewis Center Road on the right hand side. Enter voting area from the rear. We are precinct F.

Normal pick up schedule is on Thursdays. On holidays, pick up is usually delayed by one day and you can see the schedule on our garbage service provider’s website (Rumpke.) If you are having service problems please contact Orange Township at 740-548-5430.

Recycle bins are provided free of charge from the Orange Township Hall at 1680 East Orange Rd.  Garage cans can be rented from our garage service provide, Rumpke, by calling 800-828-8171

There are currently no set standards for care of lawn and landscaping. The board would only hope that in a neighborhood such as The Shores that each property owner would go to the effort and necessary expense to keep their property in good repair and their lawns properly seeded, weed free and regularly mowed.

Unfortunately the homeowners association does not have the authority to force a bank, Realtor or property owner to keep their property to a certain standard. The Township regulations are of lesser help; The Ohio Revised Code only allows for the removal of noxious weeds, not tall grass or dandelions. In these situations it will be necessary for the surrounding property owners to look out for their best interests and maintain the vacated property to some degree. Please at the very least pick up papers and other trash before they accumulate. 

As with so many situations it is necessary for neighbors to show more respect for others and their property. While cats are not a licensed animal in the State of Ohio, they are at the same time not to be a nuisance to others. Please do not bring animals into your homes unless you have control over them. Running the neighborhood is a disrespect to your neighbors and a danger to your pets. If your animal damages another personal property you are setting yourself up for a civil suit. Bottom line, keep your cats indoors.

Part of the aesthetics of our community is the lack of sidewalks. Without them we have longer green vistas and more park like settings. The Shores was designed with this concept in mind to keep a more rural setting. It would not be possible financially to incorporate sidewalks into our community as it would take a total rework of the storm drain system along with curbs and cutters. This would totally be a homeowner’s expense. Street lights are not part of the plan for any subdivisions in the Township, the Trustees decided years ago to try to keep the night sky dark to protect the Perkins Observatory in Delaware and again to promote a rural feeling. We would hope that you moved into our community understanding this uniqueness.

Yes, there are several. First, Orange Township Zoning requires the structure to be 12 and ½ feet off the side yard lot line and a minimum of 5’ off the rear lot line. Second, the structure must be approved by the HOA architectural review committee. A basic guideline is that it is to be made of wooden materials, no metal swing sets are allowed.

Do you have a question that wasn't answered in our FAQ? Please contact one of our trustees for assistance. See contact information on our Contact Us page.


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